Bible History and Interpretation -- New Testament, RL 1123 A

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

First Exam

Robert Lee Foster



Circle the letter of the correct answer to the question.

(25 questions at 2 points each -- 50 total points)


1.Who was the first century Jewish historian who wrote The History of the Jewish Wars?

a.                   Antiochus Epiphanes

b.                  Josephus

c.                   Judas “Maccabeus”


2.Who was a leader in the Jewish Revolt against the desecration of the Temple?

a.                   Antiochus Epiphanes

b.                  Josephus

c.                   Judas “Maccabeus”


3.What is the name of the Jewish group used to refer to those who belonged to the priestly aristocracy who ceased to exist after the destruction of the Temple?

a.                   Am ha-Aretz

b.                  the Pharisees

c.                   the Sadducees


4.Which of the following groups of literature was NOT a part of Second Temple Judaism at the beginning of the first century A.D.?

a.                   The New Testament

b.                  The Old Testament Apocrypha

c.                   The Old Testament Pseuepigrapha


5.What is the name of the group who were hated by the Jews but also ethnically related to the Jews?

a.                   the Romans

b.                  the Samaritans

c.                   the Syrians


6.What year was the Old Testament canon formalized in Jamnia?

a.                   A.D. 90

b.                  A.D. 167

c.                   A.D. 70


7.Which of the following is NOT a geographical region in or near Israel in the first century?

a.                   Decapolis

b.                  Samaria

   c.         Bythinus


8.      Which of the following rulers governed the regions of Galilee and Perea following the death of his father Herod the Great?

a.              Archelaus

b.             Herod Antipas

c.              Herod Philip


9.      Which of the following is NOT a natural boundary in Israel?

a.              the Mediterranean Sea

b.             the Euphrates

c.              the Jordan River


10.  What was the institution of early Judaism which served as a school, a court, and a social center?

a.              the Temple

b.             the synagogue

c.              the early church


11.  For which of the following traits was Jesus the most critical of the Pharisees?

a.              their strict, legalistic observance of the Law

b.             their failure to take care of the widows and the poor

c.              their body piercing and tattoos


12.  What is the name of the Greek version of the Old Testament?

a.              the Septuagint

b.             O Logos tou Theou

c.              The Oldus Testamenticus


13.  What are the divisions of food according the Kosher laws of the Jews?

a.              Meat and Dairy

b.             Meat and Vegetables

c.              Meat, Diary, and Neutral


14.  What area was known for breeding rebels in Israel?

a.              Galilee

b.             Judah

c.              Samaria


15.  What was the major city located near Nazareth?

a.              Bethlehem

b.             Jerusalem

c.              Sepphoris

d.             No major city is located near Nazareth.




Write the correct letter which corresponds to the following descriptions.

(10 questions at 2 points each -- 20 total points)


1.  _____  an authoritative collection of documents

2.  _____  literature from Second Temple Judaism

3.  _____ The Gospel of Mark

4.  _____  region identified by its Ten leading cities

5.  _____  roman-like city built by Herod the Great

6.  _____  a Religious Group from Second Temple Judaism

7.  _____  Roman general who lead the attack against Israel

8.  _____ The Gospel of Luke

9.  _____  located in Judea

10. _____ pious Jewish warriors


  1. Canon
  2. Caesarea-Maritima
  3. Decapolis
  4. Essenes
  5. Jerusalem
  6. LXX
  7. Ox
  8. Hasidim
  9. Vespasian
  10. Lion



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